Aleees makes great effort on providing LFP batteries with excellent quality and strong safeness.

About Aleees

Aleees is the biggest LFP cathode material supplier in the world, we are the leading brand of electric bus in Taiwan, we have been dedicated to developing total solutions for alternative energy comprehensively, started off as “manufacturer of key material of lithium battery”, we have reach our goal of becoming “supplier of electric us and battery swap system ” and be able to establish a interdisciplinary cooperation system model with key components, and we construct continuously a sustainable enterprise operation benchmark.

Based on the advantages of high quality and long cycle life of LFP-NCO, we are the No. 1 sale in the world, we also build a cross-border open platform with strategy mode, in consumer electric industry, Aleees cooperates with SIEMENS and SONY, the international companies with key components of electric vehicles technical superiority in strategic alliance.

We focus on manufacturing electric bus. Aleees and our supply chain partners devote into slowing down aerosols and reduce eliminate smog, we also cooperate with the Japan’s vehicle battery leading brand, SONY to create power lithium battery, and associate with German Siemens to manufacturer outstanding electric bus. Aleees has world’s first parallel power module and swapping system, and we started from city bus, the electric bus is not only can reduce the air pollution but also can cost down the budget of the whole bus. Aleees is dedicated to develop green transportation systems in hopes of creating a green and comfortable living environment and bright future for the next generations.

Aleees' Core Strategy

  • Developing long cycle-life battery materials
  • Consistent and stable quality
  • Highest performance/cost ratio
  • Win-win strategy