Environmental Education

In addition to the class, environmental education is also enabled in daily life. Environmental education shall have more assistance on the business operation allowing all employees to recognize significance of environment, further changing personal habits as environmental protection starts from individuals. We also brainstorm and innovate as full as possible to merge environmental protection into performance of art, replacing serious environmental issues with joy and relax.

Environmental Education Project

We assist PUBLIC TELEVISION SERVICE TAIWAN shooting films regarding to environmental education launched for our kids, sharing with them advantages of zero emission from E-bus. We even plan to launch tour of E-Bus Children Theater where it is incorporated with performance of art and environmental education; with pleasure teaching in art style, we walk into remote towns and elementary schools to teach our children about Green “Act”.

Resource recycle for environmental protection

In the trainings pertaining to resource recycle organized by Aleees internally, employees may have to act as one-day volunteer in Tzu Chi recycling station which is situated in the neighborhood, learning knowledge associated with recycling and classification, experiencing hard work behind and sharing concept of environmental protection as well as developing habits through practices.