Social Public Service

We replace the year-end party with a donation & thanksgiving event, where kids are invited to perform in the show from orphanage; with the disabled group playing the music, happiness and touches is added in such donations. We choose bread and food made by these kids of orphanage for gifts in Chinese New Year and other festivals that such combination of gift and public service will send our love far away.

Spread out the love via E-BUS

During days of festivals, E-Bus is served as a dedicated bus for love carrot cake as gifts. Desserts made by volunteers themselves will be sent over to Taoyuan Reform School, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Taoyuan Branch nursing homes and veterans homes to share happiness, health and delicacy.

Joyful Cleaning Tour to Taoyuan Hutou Mountain

In 2011, Aleees replaced year-end party with volunteer services. Called by Aleees Youth Volunteer Team, employees headed over to Hutou Mountain Park, with alias of Rear Garden of Taoyuan City, picking up garbage and cleaning the mountain for environmental protection.

Interconnect our Love – Warm & Thanksgiving Party

During the year-end period in2012, Aleees Youth Volunteer Team launched a big promotion event of public service at the square in front of the office building, so as to encourage more colleagues to be participants in the public services and experiencing joy therein.