Aleees is capable of LFP-NCO material manufacturing, as well having an integrated patent portfolio. Therefore, we provide not only high performance batteries, but also a energy storage total solution including cells and battery modules.

Products & Solution

For the sustainable development of human and Earth's ecology, Aleees use the cost-effective high quality LFP-NCO (lithium ferrous phosphate nano co-crystalline compound) to collaborate with customers to create the industrial record of the No. 1 shipments of the world for five consecutive years. Until now, Aleees provided 60% LFP cathode materials in the world. In addition, we combined with the lithium battery industry upstream and downstream partners with innovative technologies and business models, Aleees developed Taiwan's first low-floor battery swap battery electric buses. With the Cradle to Cradle concept of green economy, Aleees is in charge of the battery maintenance converging the final recycling so as to achieve the resource recycling goal of "zero waste, full recycling" and to implement a complete green energy resource system.

Lithium ferrous phosphate nano co-crystalline compound
Aleees has the crucial cathode battery materials, innovates and develop energy technology, and our technology is much better than the market! LFP- NCO (Lithium ferrous phosphate nano co-crystalline compound) is a single inseparable compound formed by the precursors including lithium, iron, phosphorus and metals or metal compounds which is not fabricated by doping nor coating process. The Cpk is arrived more than 1.33 and our materials has high cost performance, the unique LFP cathode battery can charge-discharge for more than 4,000 times, the LFP battery which use this material has high safety and high cycle life, so it is suitable for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. .

Next Generation Battery Exchange Electric Buses
It is actually very simple to achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction as long as you are willing to wait five more minutes to take Aleees electric buses. Each Aleees electric bus cane help to reduce 128 tons of carbon dioxide emissions to our environment and the uses of 50,000 liters of diesel fuel each year. Aleees masters the cathode materials with patent advantages. Combined with Siemens's electrical technology designed of a 20-year lifespan and Japan SONY’s leading battery technology, Aleees has constructed Taiwan's first "low-floor battery swap battery electric bus" which can reduce the petroleum consumption with an effective lifespan up to 12 years, so that the goal of zero emission pollution free transport vehicles cane indeed achieved, and enhance Aleees’ competitive advantages of electric bus market.