Batteries have brought us portable power which extends our life possibilities. Now, the Aleees LFP batteries show us high power batteries can be safe and compact. In the meantime, due to reflection on the human-environment relationship, it's an urgent matter to relieve the Earth’s burden. Therefore, the demand of electricity as an alternative power appears in various applications.


Collect various questions and answers (Q&A) about Aleees LFP (lithium ferrous phosphate) batteries.


What is the difference between LFP-NCO (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Nano-Co-crystalline Olivine) and LiFePO4?

LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate), which is the so-called "Lithium Ferrous phosphate compounds" family, consists of four compound categories: N-type LiFePO4 semiconductor compounds, p-type semiconductor olivine compounds in which the iron atoms are replaced by other metal, p-type semiconductor olivine compounds coated with metal or metal oxide, and the co-crystalline olivine compounds formed by nano metal oxide of LFP-NCO and lithium ferrous phosphate. LiFePO4 first appeared a patent in 1997, published by a professor of the University of Texas. so it is also the first known member in the LFP family. During 1997-2004, there was no other member in the LFP family being discovered. As a result, some people misunderstood by regarding LFP = LiFePO4. In fact, both LiFePO4 and LFP-NCO (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Nano-Co-crystalline Olivine) are compounds with olivine structures, so that they are used as the positive electrode materials of the cells, and their main characteristics are identical. However, due to the different structures and manufacturing processes, so LiFePO4 and LFP-NCO (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Nano-Co-crystalline Olivine) have their own patent portfolio,separesly. Between them, mutually infringement will not rise. Currently, LiFePO4 was exclusively licensed to a Canadian company "Phosetech Lithium", while the Nanophosphate was published by a MIT professorsand used by A123 Systems in the United States.

What is the LFP-NCO (Lithium Iron Phosphate Nano-Co-crystalline Olivine) technology?

LFP-NCO (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Nano-Co-crystalline Olivine) TEC (LFP Nano-Co-crystalline Olivine Technology: nano metal oxide and lithium ferrous phosphate co-crystalline compound technology) is a material technology exclusively developed by Aleees with 7 patents in material and process. The LFP-NCO (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Nano-Co-crystalline Olivine) positive electrode material fabricated based on this technology has a particle size close to the conventional lithium cobalt material, so the battery cell made of LFP-NCO (nano metal oxide co-crystalline compound with lithium ferrous phosphate) has a high yield. In addition, owing to the property of NCO (nano co-crystalline olivine) structure, the positive electrode material made of LFP-NCO (nano-metal oxide co-crystalline lithium ferrous phosphate compound) based on the LFP-NCO (nano-metal oxide co-crystalline lithium ferrous phosphate compounds) TEC has a high conductivity which is a million times of higher than the N-type semiconductor compound of LiFePO4, and thus the capacity per gram is increased by 21%.

What is the significance of NCO

NCO(NanoCocrystallineOlivine: nano-co-crystalline olivine) structure is a unique structural feature of Aleees' LFP-NCO (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Nano-Co-crystalline Olivine). In short, the current in a battery is generated by the movement of lithium ions outwards/inwards the positive electrode material. The NCO structure reinforces the bonding force between molecules, thereby stretching the lattice constant so as to allow the lithium ions to flow more easily. It is jsut like when an original single-lane road is widened into four lanes, more traffic can be accommodated which in turn allows a higher driving speed. Therefore, the NCO structure can significantly increase the conductivity of the material and improve the capacity per gram of the material. In another aspect, the NCO structure is formed owing to Aleees' unique crystallization technology during the manufacturing process, and thus the new inseparable compound LFP-NCO (nano-metal oxide co-crystalline compound of lithium ferrous phosphate) is produced. Similar to the concept that the aluminum-magnesium alloy is neither aluminum nor magnesium. It is an inseparable new material. For this reason, the LFP-NCO (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Nano-Co-crystalline Olivine) can be differentiated from the LiFePO4 and Nanophosphate without infringing each other's patents.


What is the significance of Aleees Inside?
All the products in which the positive electrodes of the batteries are made of LFP-NCO (lithium ferrous phosphate nano metal oxide co-crystalline compound) are labeled with the markings "Aleees Inside". The purpose of such makrings is not only a implication that the positive electrode material is strictly certified by Aleees without worrying the quality, but also that Aleees shall take the responsibility to handle all the issues when other competitors raise doubts or patent litigations for the positive electrode material of the batteries.